Saturday, September 24, 2011

What car is this?

I thought this would be a fun, weekly challenge.  The challenge is simple.  I post a picture of a car from the back with the badges removed and you try to guess what car it is.

The winner will be the first person to give the most information about the car.  More information beats less information (even if it comes later).  Earlier details only beat later details if the details are the same.

Because I can't afford any sweet prizes (yet), the winner will get recognition on this blog and, if you so desire, on your facebook page.

So, here is this weeks challenge:

I know this may be insultingly easy to some of you, but humor me now and I will try to find some more challenging material for you later.  If need be, I will do two every week.  One for the experts and one for the beginners.

Ok, ready, set, GO!



Okay, by request... and since you all got the Mercedes bit so easily, here are side and front views of the same car.

Does this help?

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