How to Drive

Having driven as much as I have, it has become clear that someone must lay down the basics of driving.  I am not talking about the driver's license manual that you have to study to get your driver's license... although for some, this would be a good place to start.

No, here we will be discussing the unwritten rules of the road.  (And some of the written rules that seem to have escaped our common sense.)  Some of these unwritten rules will be universally agreed on - "Don't drive in the passing lane with your right turn signal on" - while others will be quite controversial - "If there are two lanes of traffic and you don't need to turn for several miles, there is no need to wait in the non-moving lane until you are ______ miles from your necessary turn".

Some topics here will be:

Rules of the rude
Are you a good driver
What would you do

Want to start a topic?  Got a bone to pick?  Post it in the comments on this page and we'll get it going!

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