Thursday, September 22, 2011

Driving Tunes

There are times when you are driving when listening to music is simply not an option.  You are driving a race car or noisy bus, you are driving as your job (Police, Public Transportation, etc.) or your car - for the moment - does not have a radio.  Otherwise, one of the best parts of driving is having some good driving music.

What do you like to listen to when you drive?  What are some of your 'old favorites'?  What's new that you can't stop listening to?  What's your favorite driving music style?

Right now, thanks to my current environs, I can't get enough of Bluegrass, Folk Rock and the like.  I am a product of the "grunge" era of alternative music, so I always love me some Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, etc.  Also, I really enjoy classical music.  I can't tell you much about it, but I appreciate the complexity and depth that abound in most classical pieces.  I am a fan of just about any song that pushes the limits, pulls out all the stops and makes you feel something.  From the most obnoxious pop song to the most obscure, 'no genre' song, if the artist makes me go "wow", it's a favorite.  Of course, some music is good because it just blends into the background and allows me to run away with my thoughts.

Anyway, here we will offer you new driving music by these categories:

Classic Hits
New Stuff
Reader Recommendations
I'm currently listening to

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